10 Principles of Energizing Virtual Facilitation

Virtual facilitation is an effective tool in the L&D arsenal to deliver training sessions that are easily accessible and adaptable. It requires a distinct set of tools to ensure that participants can be able to engage in productive conversations with their peers. This article will explore 10 principles for energizing online facilitation, so that trainers can effectively run online workshops.

Similar to any workshop, the facilitator sets the tone for the workshop by demonstrating positive behavior in communication and creating a positive environment. This means you must be careful not to make distracting noises, and ensure that the camera is focused on the person in question and provide positive feedback such as smiling and nodding. Also, keep the conversation short and concise. Also, it is important to ensure that there is an appropriate balance between sharing information discussions, group discussions and interactive activities like quick polls or experiential games. Encourage participants to engage in conversation during the workshop and use game-based response systems such as Kahoot to keep them engaged.

It is essential to have a sense of how the group feels in any gathering, but this is especially relevant when you’re facilitating remotely. Be sure to check in with your participants on a regular basis to find out how they’re feeling and if any technical or other issues are affecting the group. You may want to add a game to keep the group motivated if energy levels start to decrease.

SessionLab is a fantastic tool for designing and planning remote workshops. It can help you ensure that your sessions are enjoyable and effective, even if you’re not there with your participants. With a library of more than 1000 facilitation methods important link that are expertly designed and a collection of fully-featured templates and built in tools to reduce distractions and cross-talking It’s a fantastic choice for online workshops and meetings.

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