Antivirus Review – How to Assess an Antivirus Program

If you keep your software up-to-date, use strong passwords and steer clear of emails from phishers You should be safe from malware. But even if you’ve done all the right things but you still require an antivirus program to provide a security measure in case you make a mistake. Choosing the best antivirus depends on the operating system you are using, how many devices you have to protect and whether you require additional features such as a password manager, VPN, dark web monitoring or family protection.

It is crucial to evaluate the performance of an antivirus in independent testing. A good antivirus must be compatible with your operating system and it should consume minimal resources to not affect the performance of your computer. It is also important to know how often the antivirus is updated and whether it works on multiple devices.

In tests conducted by Macworld, Intego Mac’s Internet Security X9 performed very well. It comes with VirusBarrier, an excellent antivirus, and NetBarrier, a firewall that is effective. Apart from that, it detected all malware samples and alerted users to beware when they attempted to run uninvited software on their Macs. It is compatible with macOS and, unlike its competitors, it looks like a Mac program. It also gives you the option to purchase the backup service you need for your most valuable files, Android apps for mobile security and a better firewall.

TotalAV’s powerful engine and a comprehensive range of features inside an easy-to-use dashboard make it a ideal choice for new users seeking something simple to comprehend. Its heuristic-based method of detection can detect viruses that aren’t listed in the database, and its behavior monitoring monitors changes in the way the program is used, and sandboxing runs suspicious programs in an isolated environment so they aren’t able to cause any harm. In AV-Comparatives tests, it had one of the lowest false positive rates and its scan was extremely rapid.

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