Bitdefender Threat Scanner Review

Bitdefender is one of the top malware detection rates among the AV comparison websites and runs quickly without affecting the performance of your system. It provides additional subscription benefits such as machine security and ransomware removal, depending on which plan you select.

Its antivirus suite integrates machine learning with traditional signature-based scans to offer some of the top detection rates in its class. It also includes a terrific world wide web security collection, a quick VPN and full program tune-up tools along with a secure browser as well as a lot of useful privacy protections for keeping your data safe. In my limited tests, Bitdefender’s spam filters falsely flagged less than 1 percent of legitimate email and its ransomware defense was equally solid.

A vulnerability scan is a further feature that sets Bitdefender Threat Scanner apart from its rivals. It scans for weak passwords, outdated programs, drives and Windows vulnerabilities that could be exploited. The feature can be run manually or scheduled to run and takes just 5 minutes to complete. This is an enormous improvement over other systems that require up to an hour to complete the same task.

Bitdefender provides live chat and telephone support for any issue that you might face. It is always one of the fastest companies in the field. Its community forum also provides an abundance of information to help you solve problems yourself, and the company’s knowledge base has a vast collection of helpful articles.

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