Bitdefender Vs Kaspersky Windows 11 Comparison

Both antivirus services come with a variety of features to offer. Both antivirus solutions offer most recent malware protection including PC tuning, webcam and password management. They also provide additional features such as VPNs, file shredders, and anti-tracker tools.

Both Bitdefender and Kaspersky performed well in the AV Comparativesthe October 2019 performance test. Both of them used less of a computer’s capabilities than Windows Defender and didn’t cause any noticeable slowdowns. It’s important to know that if an antivirus program slows down an operating system, it’s not doing its job.

While they’re priced the same, Kaspersky has a few more interesting and useful features than Bitdefender. Its Timeline feature is extremely useful, as it allows you to view all things that Kaspersky has performed on your computer in chronological order. And its Notification Center is super helpful for quickly resolving security issues without leaving the screen.

Another area in which Kaspersky has the edge is its firewall protection. Its advanced system controls make use of application whitelisting to block unauthorized access to the system, and it includes more features than Bitdefender’s base protection suite. It also comes with a convenient rescue environment that lets you boot into a fresh version of Windows 10 to remove malware that is deeply embedded.

Both programs have decent support options for support. Bitdefender provides chat, email, and phone support, while Kaspersky has all of that along with remote assistance. Both have knowledge bases that are great sources to answer common questions.

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