Choosing Board Software for Holding Online Meetings

When you host an online meeting, the potential for technical issues is a lot. One member of your board may have an issue with connection speed to the internet or his battery may end up dying during the meeting. It is an ideal idea to ask remote attendees to check their equipment prior to the meeting. You can also offer training and assistance to ensure that remote attendees are ready to use the board portal prior to the meeting.

In addition to the standard features, it is essential to select an online boardroom that provides high-end security and compliance. The most secure online board portals protect your data on the server level and permit you to customize the access of different users to click for more specific documents.

Another important feature is the ability to record votes. In contrast to the traditional show-of-hands system, recording the results of a vote in your virtual boardroom will guarantee transparency and accountability. It also will reduce the time you spend on board resolutions, and will increase the efficiency in your meetings.

The software should be easy to use and comprehend for everyone, even if have less tech-savvy attendees. It should also be compatible with all platforms such as tablets and smartphones. In addition, it should provide a print-friendly format. Some board members prefer to print documents or presentations, due to different reasons. Chat functions should be readily available in the digital boardroom to facilitate quick collaboration.

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