Data Room Software Safety Features

A virtual dataroom is a secure storage space where files can be shared with multiple partners. This type of collaboration is typical in due diligence for M&A deals, fundraising and partnerships. It’s also used to create regulatory proposals, internal policies, and procedures. These projects can involve confidential information of a sensitive nature that could be susceptible to hacking if it is not adequately protected and shared.

The best VDR providers offer a wide range of industry-strength security features for peace of mind that the sensitive documents you use to complete an important transaction or deal will stay where you want them to be. These features are standard in the industry and include audit logs for the history of viewing documents and granular access rights for users and a full set of encryption, as well as other tools to guard sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Another feature that can be located in the most reliable data rooms are redaction tools. These tools allow you to reliably and selectively remove any sensitive information within a document. This helps to prevent leaks if an email is accidentally sent the wrong recipient, or when someone uses their personal information accidentally to conduct business.

Some of the top virtual data room providers offer features that reduce human error, such as a “View As tool that allows you to know exactly what a potential viewer will be seeing when they access your virtual data room. This can be an effective safety feature when collaborating with partners who are not familiar with your business procedures.

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