How Boardroom Technology Can Bring More Productivity to Your Meetings

A well-designed boardroom can help to improve operational and strategic efficiency in any business. According to research, a poor meeting board management software review experience could cost a business $37 billion a year in lost productivity. The right workplace technology is able to resolve these issues and help make meetings more productive for boardrooms.

Some of the most powerful boardroom technologies can easily be integrated into your conference room, without disrupting existing infrastructure or forcing new tools onto you. Wireless presentation systems, for example, let users walk into a space and connect their devices without hassle and can be used with the conferencing platforms of your choice. The most recent models permit you to add advanced features like audio amplifying, translation support and induction loops.

Smart whiteboards allow an engaging, collaborative and dynamic conferencing experience and are great for ad hoc brainstorm sessions and blue-sky meetings. Microsoft Surface Hub, for example is a multi-purpose system that can be used on any device. It supports video conferencing and digital whiteboards, and it also supports presentations. Additionally, a system such as the Neat Board can be used as a visual whiteboard and comes with the added benefit of high-quality touch screen technology to ensure all attendees are clearly being able to view concepts as they are being shared.

The flexibility of lighting can also help to reduce energy use and improve comfort and ease in your boardroom, and assist you to maintain focus during meetings. Teem Smart Lamps are a great example of how LED lighting can be integrated into your boardroom. They provide a range of control options such as programming schedules and remote control.

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