How to Design a Board Room uk

The room where the board of directors of a company meets regularly to discuss important issues. This is the place where crucial decisions are taken that impact everyone, from employees and shareholders to wider economy.

These rooms need to be comfortable, flexible and able to accommodate a variety of purposes. For instance, they could be used for pitches with investors or brainstorming sessions for creative ideas. Depending on the size of the business they could have to be able to accommodate upto 6 people. They can also be used for longer-lasting meetings, like annual strategic planning sessions.

The design of your boardroom can really set the tone for a business’s brand and aspirations. The images below show the different ways that different styles of fitting out can change the “feel” of a space. From massive chairs and black boards, to tables that are light-coloured and flooded with daylight, the designs are as diverse as the purposes they serve.

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