How to Host a Board Meeting Effectively

Conducting a board-level meeting is an extremely difficult task. You need to balance ensuring that your staff is engaged, educated and focused, while also providing a social environment that fosters collaboration and open communication. You can use best practices whether you’re conducting a board meeting remotely or in person.

Get Sidetracked

Discussion topics that come up during your meeting can eat up valuable time and divert your team away from your primary agenda items. It is important to give these topics the attention that they merit, while remembering your goal of advancing the goals of your organization. You can do this by adding the word “parking area” to your agenda so that you can put items that aren’t urgent on hold to be considered later.

A Clear Sequence

An effective board meeting has an established structure that includes the call to order, review of the book used for board meetings, an explanation of the procedure as well as a list of planned agenda items including discussion of new and old business, and adjournment. This will help you concentrate on the most important issues and keep your meeting on schedule.

It can be difficult to keep your meeting on track, especially when the topic is passionate. However, a lively debate is a good thing when you’re able to settle the issue at hand and move on with your agenda. Do not rehash previous discussions during your meeting, since it will waste a lot of time.

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