How to Monitor Key Business Transactions in New Relic

Key business transactions are any event involving third parties that can be quantified in monetary terms and has a financial effect on the company. These types of events are an essential aspect of the company’s business and a failure in these transactions could cost the business a lot. This test lets you detect such issues quickly and with precision, and identify the root reason much earlier and allow it to be corrected before users encounter any issues.

There are many helpful resources kinds of business transactions. Some of the most common ones include buying from vendors, paying utility bills and transferring funds from the bank account to the company’s account. The company also has to document sales of goods and services to customers, as and receive payments from them. Other significant events that the company must engage in are acquiring new products and technologies getting financing, and paying taxes.

Depending on the type of business, there are a variety of ways to track performance at the transaction level. New Relic has a feature called “Flow Maps” that allows you to track the performance of transactions that are critical to business patterns. Let’s say, for instance that you have a customer that has a slow response when trying to log into or access their bank account. In this scenario, Flow Maps could be utilized to pinpoint the issue and determine if it is caused by your microservice PlanService, that loads the Plan page.

Select the “Business Transactions Report” option from the menu to monitor your critical transactions. The metrics configurations will change to only show metrics that apply to the selected Business Transactions. You can also set threshold monitors for these metrics too.

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