How to Open a Board Meeting

The chair of the board should state that the board meets to discuss business. This simple statement marks the meeting as formal and allows the chair to discuss agenda items in a timely fashion.

The chair of the board will ensure that there is a quorum prior to discussing any agenda item. This is done by calling out the names of everyone present and making sure the board has enough members to conduct official business.

The constant re-inventing of topics for discussion can waste time and distract attention from the most important things. This can be avoided by establishing a “parking area” at the conclusion of your board agenda, where members agree to discuss random topics at a future date. Be sure to keep your word on your promise to go back to the parking lot to assess whether the topic should be further investigated or added to the next agenda of the board or delegated as an assignment.

After the board has established the quorum they should begin to discuss any reports from committees that were sent prior to the meeting. The board then should discuss the reports and decide the best way to proceed. This could mean the vote on a resolution or simply asking for members to decide on a particular issue. Make sure you include all actions and discussions into the minutes of the board. Boardable’s minutes maker makes sure that the minutes of your board’s meetings are organized clear, precise, and easy to understand by all attendees as well as those who were not present.

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