Some of the Best Data Rooms to Consider

A file cabinet for all your documents might be sufficient in the past, but now that you’re business grows, you’ll require a virtual data room that is easy to learn and enables quick access to important information. It should also come with a comprehensive set of security features to protect sensitive data from prying eyes. Many VDR providers also provide additional services such as technical support and consulting for a lower cost when you purchase in bulk with their software.

Here are the best data room providers to consider. iDeals is an established online data room provider that offers a variety of secure collaboration options. It offers an audit trail that is secure and provides full history of all user activities, eSignature capabilities, and a custom NDA that can be customized. It also offers a simple interface for non-technical users and can be used on desktop and mobile devices.

Customers include Deloitte American Airlines and Toyota. Firmex is a well-established VDR that specializes in M&A and other business transactions and offers a user-friendly platform that is able to be used in any industry. Its security features include watermarking, two-factor authentication, and a comprehensive list of user preferences.

It’s a great choice for large and mid-sized enterprises, especially those who need to conduct multiple M&A transactions. Its flexible pricing model lets you pay for extra features if and when you need they are required. It also has various of integrations, an interface that can be customized, and a search engine capable finding both a complete and exact match.

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