The Benefits of Safe Document Exchange

Safe document exchange is the process of securely moving and storing documents both internally between departments, and also externally with customers. It allows businesses to reduce the time spent on data entry by hand and decrease the risk of sensitive data being shared with non-authorized individuals or organizations, as well as helping to avoid costly data breaches and cyber attacks.

The most significant benefit secure document exchange software has is the unbeatable security, providing an impenetrable barrier against cyber attacks and hackers as well as human error that is often associated with sending confidential information via email. Most solutions are designed to comply with industry standards such as GDPR and offer features such as two-factor authentication or digital audit trails.

Another benefit is that it can be time-saving. By team members being able to communicate more quickly with customers, you can save significant amounts of time as well as resources throughout your company.

Additionally, the ability to edit documents offline and then sync changes when reconnected, along with integrated feedback and approvals, eliminates the necessity for lengthy email threads, and speeds up the speed of work. To ensure that important projects don’t fall through the cracks and to keep everyone working on the latest version, automated e-signature reminding can be installed. Secure portals can be created for clients, reducing the setup and administration while permitting them to browse and download specific files.

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