Tips for Running an Effective Nonprofit Board Meeting

When it comes to non-profit board meetings it is crucial to communicate clearly.

Many nonprofit boards meet quarterly or monthly, so it’s important that board members know the purpose of their meetings and how they relate to your overall strategy. Instead of spending time discussing routine, low-level updates that can be communicated in advance through the board portal or board package meetings, it’s important to keep the discussion focused on the generative goals and strategic decisions that will grow your nonprofit organization.

It is also beneficial to establish an agenda for each meeting and to send out the materials beforehand so that your board members can familiarize themselves with the discussion topics. Nothing can ruin a productive meeting faster than having your board members arrive to their meeting only to get caught up on reports, documents and other materials they’ll need to participate in discussions during the meeting.

Include an “mission-moment” at each board meeting to highlight the real-world success and progress of your organization. This will allow your board members to remain motivated and engaged for the duration of the meeting. It isn’t important if your goal moment involves sharing videos or images of testimonials. It’s a great method of keeping board members invested in the success of your hiring board members remotely company. Then, when it’s time for them to concentrate on fundraising or other responsibilities your board members will be motivated they need to reach your organization’s goals. Check out our article for more tips on how to conduct a successful board meeting for nonprofits.

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