What Does a Boot Scan Do?

Cyber threats can be hidden in a variety of ways. While many antivirus programs are capable of detecting malware with regular scans and real-time protection however, a boot-time scanner offers an additional level of protection against shrewd threats.

A boot scan is an instant inspection of the system prior to what does a boot scan do Windows starts. This allows the software to identify malware that is hidden and remove it without affecting your normal operations. The boot scan feature of Avast offers various options to deal with the threats discovered during the scan, including fixing the files right away or moving them to a Disease Chest or quarantine, or deleting them.

It may take a while to run a boot test. It’s a good idea to block any non-essential startup programs and disconnect USB or external hard drives. This will reduce the chance of conflict and allow the scan to concentrate solely on the internal storage. It is also a good idea to reserve the time that you won’t use your computer for other purposes so that boot scanning can happen without interruption.

To enable a boot-time scanner you must select Settings (the gear icon) within the Avast interface. Select Scan Settings > Protection and check the Boot Time Scan option. Adjust the settings according to your preferences, and then click OK. The Avast boot-time scan is an extremely powerful tool that can help you keep your computer free of threats and provide you with a an easier and more enjoyable computing experience.

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